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iTunes App Store Volume Purchase
    Apps on each iPod Touch will need to be purchased. Recently, Apple began the App Store Volume Purchase Program for education. With this program an Authorized Purchaser for your school or district will purchase an App in bulk. Apple will then send a series of codes that can be used to download the app to your iPods. The codes are similar to redeeming an iTunes gift card and work only for the specific App purchased. Many Apps are available at a bulk discount via the Volume Purchase Page. To find out more information visit: 

    Marketing page:

    Volume Purchase Program:

    VPP FAQs:

Implementing the iPad as a 1:1 device! 

Corcoran Unified in Central California has paved the way in creating a continuous learning environment for their students at home. Here's a listing of some resources they have used to accomplish this task and increase student achievement!

A Link to a Great Service

A practical use of the iPad on Walkthroughs

iPads help with speech therapy

A must do!

Here's a great resource to follow on Twitter (or perhaps through RSS... pick your poison).  I usually find at least one app a week that's too good to pass up!  If you find something you might like, GET IT NOW.  Sometimes these deals only last for a single day!



iPad today is one of my new favorite podcasts that is a MUST LISTEN for me each week!  For up-to-date latest information on iPads, accessories, and apps, nothing beats Leo Laporte & Sarah Lane in iPad today!  I've learned some really cool stuff from these folks!

This Week in iPad is another great resource for getting another perspective.   

PDF to ePub converter!

Convert PDF files to epub files for use in iBooks.  PDF's can be viewed in iBooks on your iPad, however, you wont have the ability to take notes or look words up in the dictionary until now.  Use this software to convert pdf files to epub.  A computer will be needed for the conversion.  Once converted, it can be dragged into your iTunes library and synced onto your iPad.